Cow elk and her baby

It was great to see elk so close

I recently learned about HDR photography. With Photomatix, the process of combining multiple exposures is simple. And the results are fantastic.

On a recent hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, my friend, Don, and I crossed paths with a herd of elk. This photo shows a pseudo-HDR effect. Photoshop can process raw images with a slider scale for exposure. Saving the image with the exposure as shot in 16-bit .tif format followed by a +1 exposure and a -1 exposure, the Photomatix software merged the images nicely. It is not as dramatic as a true multi-exposure image.
Cow elk lounging in the shade
Cow elk lounging

This image is 3 exposures from my Canon XSi merged together with Photomatix and tone mapped to enhance the shadows.

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