MS 150 Colorado

This was a memorable weekend for cycling and an even more significant weekend for fighting against Multiple Sclerosis. Leading up to the weekend was a series of days with downpours that would leave a duck waddling for cover.

Almost half-way there on Saturday

Almost half-way there on Saturday

Making this event of huge significance to me was learning that my best friend growing up has been diagnosed with MS. I thought of him often during the ride, and I continue to think of the small things that I (and the rest of us) can do to help make a difference.

Saturday was a 75-mile ride from North Denver (Broomfield) to Fort Collins, Colorado. The weather was sunny both Saturday and Sunday, but I was done with the ride shortly after 11 am, so did not really notice how warm it was. Sunday was a different story.

The return trip includes an option to add 25 more miles to the normal 75-mile route. That’s right, a century ride after a 75-mile ride. My colleague, Norton, was telling me how good the course is, so I decided last minute to do it. After 8.5 hours of cycling, my tail end was ready for a break. My legs were not feeling very strong, but they must have been a bit stronger than many other people whom I passed in the last 10 miles. A couple of hills toward the end really did take it out of me, but I was able to go with just the normal rest stops along the way.

Cycling with the Left Hand Brewing team

Cycling with the Left Hand Brewing team

This is really a great cause, and a well-organized event. Very well supported also.

The Left Hand Brewery team was fun to train with and ride with. The jerseys are easy to spot, and the socializing afterward in the tent was a good opportunity to meet folks.

A great big thank you to all my supporters who pitched in financially to help make this a great fundraising event.

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